KCR Drip Torch, Red

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This drip torch is designed for igniting fires in vegetation with a mixture of diesel fuel and gasoline. The tank and handle assembly is made of lightweight aluminum. The tank has a 6" diameter and 1-1/4 gallon capacity. The spout/igniter assembly can be stowed inside of the fuel tank when torch is not in use. The spout with steel fuel trap extends a minimum of 10” from the top of the tank to the end of the nozzle with the igniter extending beyond the nozzle. The fuel trap in the spout and check valve assembly in the tank cover provides flashback protection. The breather valve assembly provides smooth flow of fuel when torch is in use.

This drip torch is designed and manufactured in accordance with Forest Service Specification 5100-614 and meets DOT requirements for transport of flammable liquids.

    NSN 4210-01-558-9951
    NFES 0241




    What fuel mixture should I use for my torch?

    You should contact your local agency or bureau to determine the diesel/gasoline fuel mixture you should use.

    How full should I fill my fuel tank with fuel mixture?

    Fuel tanks should only be filled up to 90% capacity to allow room for fuel to expand and to reduce the possibility that they might leak.

    Should I store the fuel spout/igniter assembly inside of the fuel tank when the torch is not in use?

    Our drip torches are designed in accordance with Forest Service specifications, which stipulates that the fuel spout/igniter assembly can be stored in such fashion.

    Will the igniter wick dry out and become inoperable if it is not stored in fuel after first use?

    The igniter wick will become operable upon saturation with a fuel mixture. Replacement igniter wicks are available for sale on our website (#100-402).