Check & Bleeder Valve (#581-00)

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The Automatic Check and Bleeder Valve is designed to retain water in fire hose lines when the pump is temporarily turned off, preventing loss of pump prime when used with centrifugal pumps in wildland firefighting activities. The pump can be restarted without the pressure of the head of water in the hose by bleeding through the bleeder valve.

Our lightweight aluminum alloy valves are hard anodized according to military specification and consists of only ten easily-serviceable components. The valve includes a 1-1/2" 9 NH internal threaded inlet, a 1-1/2" 9 NH external threaded outlet and a 1" 11-1/2 NPSH external threaded bleeder outlet.

  • This item is not assigned a NSN or NFES item number.
  • Meets Forest Service Spec. 5100-382c